Iolite & Diamond Ring

Iolite... magical iolite... This gorgeous gemstone is usually blue, ranging from a light blue to deep intense blue-violet color. It can also occur in various other shades, including yellow, gray, green or brown. Iolite is "trichroic". This means that you can see three different colors in the same stone depending on the light and how you hold it.

The most common shapes for finished stones include traditional faceted rounds, ovals and pear shapes. Fancy shapes and calibrated sizes are relatively accessible.

Many believe that Iolite can help recover lost memories and also help induce sleep for those who suffer from insomnia. It is believed that Iolite can help those who suffer from eye and vision disorders. 

One thing is for certain: you'll be the only one you know wearing Iolite. This unique gemstone will be sure to catch the eyes of those around you. 

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