Flower Carved Tahitian Pearl Turquoise Necklace

This flower carved Tahitian pearl turquoise necklace features a tropical flower image with a carved Tahitian pearl alluringly suspended from a flowing petal. The unique beauty and captivating design of this carved pearl create this truly extraordinary and desirable pendant.

The creation of this Flower Carved Tahitian Pearl Turquoise Necklace is an amazing process. The cultured pearls are created by putting a small colored stone in an oyster, in this case turquoise, and slowly placing it back into the sea. The oyster will try to get rid of the intruder colored stone by coating it with "nacre (pearl)".  Pearl divers will gather these unique oysters and their treasured pearls. Designers then take the pearls with the layers of pearl and slowly hand carve them to reveal the beautiful colored stone below.

It is during the oysters healing process that it creates these beautiful pearls. The oyster uses their own discomfort to step out of their comfort zone and create something extremely beautiful.  Pearls are the birthstone for June and fantastic anniversary gifts.

The act of carving a pearl is a relatively new tradition. The idea behind this new custom is taking something that is classically beautiful and enhance that beauty. The act of carving the pearl allows the designer to reveal an internal beauty that would not normally reach the surface.

The unique center color is the turquoise bead shining through. Turquoise is believed to be one of the world's oldest stones used by man. Turquoise is believed to help the protect its wearer from injury when falling. Native Americans used this stone as a protection stone for this reason. They believed it would protect their soldiers when entering a battle.


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