Emerald & Diamond Ring

This emerald and diamond ring is set in 14K White Gold and 14K Yellow Gold and accented with .60ctw diamonds and .84ctw emerald

Emerald is thought to promote positive actions, eliminate negativity and enhance the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

The name Emerald comes from the old French word esmeralde, which was derived from the Greek word smaragdos meaning green stone. By definition, emerald is any medium to dark green beryl colored by chromium. The term Colombian emeralds is often used to describe vivid, slightly bluish-green stones of a medium to medium dark color, regardless of their geographic origin. Emeralds of a lighter color are sometimes called Brazilian emeralds, even if they were mined in Africa. Emeralds are most often cut in a special cut designed just for this gem; the emerald cut. The emerald cut is a step or trap cut featuring a rectangular or square shape with truncated corners. This cutting style maximizes the beauty and color of the stone, whilst protecting it from mechanical strain and internal stress.

Precious emerald is sensitive to pressure and vulnerable to household chemicals. Avoid wearing emerald jewelry when working with harsh chemicals or household cleaners, such as bleach or acid. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners and steamers when cleaning your emeralds as these can remove the oils that are used to enhance the emeralds.

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