Domed Band with Polish Finish

SKU: 400-2000316

This domed band is created in serinium with a sleek polish finish. Serinium is a hypoallergenic composition metal that is much harder than silver, making it a very scratch resistant metal. This comfort fit 6mm wide band is the perfect band for the active and hard working man in your life.

Ring Width: 6mm

Metal Type: Serinium

Serinium is the perfect contemporary metal, built to last a lifetime. Styles are available 5 to 16 in full and half sizes. Bands are comfort fit and hypoallergenic.

Serinium is the best quality of all contemporary metals, with the brilliant white color of white gold. Created at extreme temperatures and pressures, this high-tech material is ultra-hard and hypoallergenic, and will never tarnish, oxidize or change color.

It is also the safest of jewelry metals, and can be quickly and safely removed in an emergency with commonly available tools, such as a standard ring cracker or even a pair of vice-grip pliers.

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