Chrome Diopside and Gold Ring

14K Yellow Gold 6mm Chrome Diopside Ring

SKU: 200-2000167

Set amid bold and artistic arches of warm 14K yellow gold is a brilliant and deep lush green 6mm chrome diopside. Contemporary styling creates the illusion of a floating chrome diopside, which is securely channel set with added 14K yellow gold support. Edgy and breathtaking beautiful with a contemporary elegance, this unique ring is perfect for the amazing love of your life.

Chrome diopside is most often found in Siberia, which is a primarily cold and snowy region. Many believe that nature gave Siberians chrome diopside, a beautiful green stone, to delight the eye during the long winter months. Gems with an attractive and pure green color are often rare and expensive. Emerald is the most valuable and popular green stone, but chrome diopside is growing in popularity due to its green glow.

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