Chrome Diopside & Diamonds Pendant

SKU: 230-2000571

This chrome diopside and diamond pendant is featured in 14K white gold and accented with .07ctw diamonds.

Chrome Diopside is thought to be able to improve intelligence, most particularly mathematical, analytical and statistical ability. In addition, Chrome Diopside can relieve aggression and stubbornness, while increasing the emotions of love and commitment.

Chrome Diopside is most often found in Siberia, which is a primarily cold and snowy region. Many believe that nature gave Siberians Chrome Diopside, a beautiful green stone, to delight the eye during the long winter months. Gems with an attractive and pure green color are often rare and expensive. Emerald is the most valuable and popular green stone but Chrome Diopside is growing in popularity due to its green glow. When its color is less than ideal it tends to be because of too much green rather than too little green.

Avoid the use of ultrasonic cleaners and steamers and do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners, such as bleach or sulfuric acid. Use only a mild soap or detergent and warm to room-temperature water to wipe down your stones with a soft cloth or brush.

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