Beauty in the Flowers Brooch/Necklace

18K Yellow Gold with Pearls and Diamond Enamel Brooch/Necklace. 

This unique piece can be worn either as a brooch or as a necklace. It was hand created and cannot be repeated. The process used to create this piece is an extremely precise and exact process making its recreation a near impossibility!

Dimensions: 3.05in tall x 2.90in wide 

Larissa fell in love with the ritual aspects of the elemental processes of working with metal, glass, gems – making a precious object - capturing in that miniature fragment a timeless, magic quality. 

As a student she found a strong sense of context for the history, art and literature she studied in her own personal history. With roots in Europe and the Middle East. Byzantine, Hellenistic and Egyptian artifacts are a part of her daily life. The European Renaissance, 18th Century enamels and jeweled objects, the Art Nouveau as well as Japanese Art made a deep impression on her.

She responded very strongly to the “abandon” in these works. Their creators used materials for their colors, qualities of light, texture - striving for the surprise, the impossible - these were their language. These strongly influenced her own “personal voice” in jewelry.

She uses the classic themes of the nude, plants, birds and landscape as vehicles to explore forms, line and texture - always expanding further the possibilities of the enameling medium with its endless range of colors and the ability to play with light. 

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