Amethyst Diamond Accented Textured Gold Ring

14K Yellow Gold with Diamond and Pink Amethyst Ring

This misty pink-purple, cushion cut amethyst is exquisitely displayed in a 14K yellow gold, unique, vintage-style, textured basket mounting. A single, handsomely set, round diamond on either side perfectly accents the captivating center amethyst. Designed for the amazing woman in you life, heirloom quality, to be enjoyed by generations to come. 

Amethyst is purple quartz which has long been considered a royal color. Amethyst was featured in the British Crown Jewels and was a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian Royalty. Brazil and Zambia are the two primary sources of Amethyst. Hollow geodes and volcanic tubes are the most common places for amethyst to form.

It is considered the traditional birthstone for the month of February and is available in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. The affordability and wide color range of amethyst, from light to dark purple, make it an ideal choice for jewelry designers.

Moh's hardness scale ranks amethyst as a 7 making it relatively hard and great for making jewelry. When cleaning amethyst it is safe to use soapy water, alcohol, or commercial solvents. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners are also safe to use.

The most important amethyst deposits are in Brazil, but other significant amethyst deposits are located in Bolivia, Canada, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka, United States (Arizona), Uruguay and Zambia.

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