Amber, Diamond, and Sapphire Sun Earrings

This brilliant amber with diamond and sapphire sun is featured in 14K yellow gold, also available in 14K white gold or 14K rose gold.

Take a mini vacation to the mountains every time you look at your mountain jewelry. The face of each golden amber sun is hand carved. The bezel and each ray of the sun is then hand carved and formed in your choice of metal to create a secure and beautiful hold for the center amber and brilliant diamonds and sapphires. The points of this sunburst feature a 0.16 carat total weight in diamonds and yellow sapphires illuminating each radiant burst of this sun.

Park City Jewelers is proud to share these unique and gorgeous earrings with you, and their superior quality will allow them to become a family heirloom that you will be proud to share with your family for generations to come.

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