Alexandrite and Diamond Necklace

This 14K white gold alexandrite and diamond necklace is set with a 0.67 carat alexandrite and accented with .50 total carat weight of round diamonds. The beauty and uniqueness of this trillion alexandrite is enhanced through the contemporary styling of this pendant. Glimmering demi-pave set diamonds adorn the curve for a sparkling edge. This stunning alexandrite and diamond pendant will add a measure of charm and elegance to your daily attire.

Alexandrite is a stone that is said to be associated with discipline and self-control. It is believed that alexandrite can promote concentration and strengthen the wearers ability to learn.

Alexandrite was named after Alexander II, Czar of Russia. It was discovered on his birthday in the early 1830s. Alexandrite is also known as the "color-change" gem. In the daylight it appears to be a cool bluish mossy green. Indoors under incandescent light it appears to be violet, ruby red or purple. The original source of Alexandrite in Russia has been closed after producing for only a few decades. Some Alexandrite can still be found in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Brazil, but very few show any color change. In 1987 a new mine of Alexandrite was found in Brazil in a place called Hematita.

The Hematita Alexandrite shows an attractive color change from raspberry red to a blue green. Even with this new finding Alexandrite remains to be extremely rare and expensive. Alexandrite is the June birthstone and is also recognized as the gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. Alexandrite is an 8.5 on a Moh's scale of hardness and is part of the Chrysoberyl family.

Alexandrite in general is a very durable and is suitable for everyday wear. Be sure to avoid any harsh chemicals or bleach. Alexandrite is durable enough to be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners or steam, but care should always be taken when using these methods.

Chain Not Included

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