Meet Our Team

Ken Whipple - As a National JCK Design and award winner, Ken's talents cover all of Park City Jeweler's bases. He is an amazingly creative businessman who has no concept of thinking "Inside the Box". Ken credits his grandfather for all of his successes in life and although he has passed on since, he still honors him by retaining his honesty and integrity in addition to his vast knowledge of anything mineral.

Cole Whipple - Cole is trained in the CAD program (computer aided design) and has travelled throughout the country to learn those skills. He is forever trying to improve so he can bring the best to his customers. Cole spent much of his childhood hiking and filling his pockets so full of rocks he couldn’t walk. He learned his love of both rocks and jewelry from his dad, Ken Whipple. Cole began working and helping out around Park City Jewelers as a young teen learning both design and production. Cole is a perfectionist in all aspects of life and aims to be the best in all that he does.