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    What Is The Difference In Park City Jewelers?

    Our #1 concern is YOU. We want a lifetime relationship with our customers. You won’t get this with an online-only store. They are here today and might not be around tomorrow. What are you going to do if something goes wrong…?

    We’ve been in business for 30+ years. We have a brick and mortar store on Main Street in Park City that we own. We’re not going anywhere. Stop by for a warm homemade cookie next time you’re in town.

    We care about your happiness with the jewelry you buy from us. We won’t sell a single piece of jewelry without a warranty on workmanship. You can come back 10 years after you buy something and we’ll help you with it.

    We only use the highest quality gems that are hand-selected by our jewelers. We only use trusted sources. We manufacture on site. Come on in and ask for a tour. We’ll gladly show you around.


    Ken Whipple, Owner
    Park City Jewelers

    Park City Jewelers will make the difference

    In The Custom Designs

    In Pricing And Purchasing

    In Our Service

    during every visit you make

    Park City Jewelers is famous for custom jewelry design work. We also offer a complete range of jewelry services including jewelry repair, ring sizing, watch battery replacement, basic watch repair, appraisals, lapidary, inlay work and custom manufacturing.

    Unlike other jewelry stores, most of our jewelry is designed and manufactured by us. We offer a state of the art CAD/CAM jewelry design process as well as two of the most skilled wax carvers in the industry.

    We specialize in mountain, snowflake, dinosaur bone and elk ivory jewelry. We have a great selection of these items to choose from, or call us for custom designs.

    One of our favorite services is to create a new piece using your old gold, gemstones and diamonds. Breathe new life into your old treasures. You’ll be wearing a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry with your own current style.