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    Meet The Team

    The People Behind Park City Jewelers

    Ken Whipple


    Ken Whipple credits his grandfather for all the successes in his life. Mentoring him as a small boy, they spent many days in the desert learning about rocks, fossils, and life. Even though he has since passed on, Ken honors his grandfather by retaining his honesty and generosity plus vast knowledge of anything mineral or mechanical.

    As a National JCK Design award winner, Ken’s talents cover all of Park City Jewelers’ Bases. An amazingly creative businessman who has no concept of “thinking inside the box”, Ken steers the team upward. Down to earth, well traveled, and up for any new experience, Ken is an innovator in all aspects of jewelry. Enjoying spending time with his family first and foremost, he loves to spin his jewelry knowledge into fantastic stories for children and adults alike.

    Shauna Whipple

    Owner / Silver Store Manager

    Shauna has always enjoyed rocks and unique stones. She spends as much time outdoors as she can searching and digging for rocks, even as a small child this was her passion and has only grown as she has. Her favorite gems include spessertite, garnet, fire agate, and conch pearls. She is always willing to go out of her way to ensure that she finds the right gem for a customer and is willing to search high and low for you!

    Her love for her family and the outdoors has always been a factor in helping to build and maintain what Park City Jewelers is today! She incorporates this love and passion into her dedicated service to customers and all aspects of her life.

    Cole Whipple

    Designer / Owner

    Cole spent much of his childhood hiking and filling his pockets so full of rocks he couldn’t walk.  He learned his love of both rocks and jewelry from his dad, Ken Whipple. Cole began working and helping out around Park City Jewelers as a young teen learning both design and production. Cole is a perfectionist in all aspects of life and aims to be the best in all that he does. In fact, several years after taking up bowling he bowled several “perfect” 300 games. His jewelry designs are influenced by many different parts of his life — as Cole’s love of motorcycles and the outdoors are visible in his designs.

    Cole is trained in the CAD program (computer aided design) and has travelled throughout the country to learn those skills. He is forever trying to improve so he can bring the best to his customers.


    From the owner all the way to the managers and sales associates, every individual on our team are unique and essential to the business.


    With years of experience and refined skills, our designers use their knowledge, inspiration, and passion to create each individual piece.

    Sales Associates

    Our Sales Associates specialize in making your needs and wants a priority and are experienced in narrowing down the key features of the prime piece that is perfect for you.


    Each Jewelers extensive knowledge of the industry makes a significant difference in the creation process, all the way from start to finish.

    Jerel Moon

    Designer / Jeweler

    Maegan Whipple

    Sales Associate

    Jeff Seever

    Sales Associate / Jeweler / Designer

    Nan Probst

    Silver Store Sales Associate

    Jennefer Blostein

    Sales Associate

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