8mm Davinci Cut Citrine Pendant with Chain

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14K White Gold .10ctw Diamond & 8mm Davinci Cut Pendant w/Chain

Discover the allure of geometric splendor with our 8mm Davinci Cut Citrine Pendant. Nestled within a heart of 14K white gold, the Davinci cut of the citrine reverberates with a spectral glow, its facets meticulously cut to evoke the beauty of the sun's rays. This piece isn't merely a jewel; it's a blend of art and alchemy, meticulously crafted to captivate the beholder.

The design mirrors the elegance of celestial geometry - a star pattern with interlocking circles envelops the citrine, embodying both symmetry and mystery. As light meanders through the Davinci cut, it casts a warm, golden aura, akin to a sunrise. Six meticulously set round diamonds, evenly dispersed around the design, catch the light, offering a constellation of sparkle that enhances the luminous core of the citrine.

With a total diamond weight of .10ctw, each diamond acts as a satellite of shine, accentuating the vivacious energy of the citrine. This pendant doesn't merely hang around the neck; it radiates a sphere of elegance and charm, making it a conversation starter.

Park City Jewelers is synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and unique designs, a reputation forged over 30 years. This pendant, like every piece in our collection, reflects the epitome of our craftsmanship. Voted the best in Park City for 10 years running, we take pride in each gemstone's quality and the longevity of our handcrafted pieces. This pendant comes with a matching chain, ensuring it's ready to wear and enchant.

Included with your purchase is our free 2-day shipping and a lifetime warranty, a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in our creations' enduring beauty.

Product Details:

Pendant / Setting Information

Gemstone Details
Accent Stones

Style #: GAL 4809WCI

Type: Citrine

Type: Diamond

Metal Type: 14K White Gold

Shape: Davinci Cut

Shape: Round Brilliant

Number: 1

Number: 6

Chain Type: Ball-Bar

Dimensions: 8mm

Carat Weight: .10ct

Chain Length: 18"


Avg. Color: G-H

Avg. Clarity: Vs1-Si2


Product Measurements

Length (A): 27.5mm

Width (B): 18.25mm

Depth (C): 9.8mm


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