Black Ceramic Dinosaur Bone Inlaid Band

SKU: 400-200036


This unique wedding band is made from one of the most scratch resistant and durable metals on earth, black ceramic. The dramatic inlay of dinosaur bone was excavated, cut, and polished to a magnificent finish. The ancient and majestic dinosaur bone inlaid in the bold black ceramic creates a handsome ring.

This ring has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. If your ring cracks or breaks from accidental damage, it will be replaced at no charge. 

Due to the hardness of alternative metals, this ring cannot be resized, BUT if your finger size changes over time we will replace the ring with a different size for only the price of shipping.

 Product Details


 4 mm

 Thickness (varies by size):

 2.0 mm - 2.3 mm

 Approx. Weight (varies by size):

 3 - 10 grams

 Type of Fit:

 Comfort Fit

 Manufacturing Time:

 8-10 Weeks


 2 Days (Free)


 45 Days

Free Lifetime Warranty:




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