Watch the video below to see some of the different types of meteorites and how they can be cut and polished to make stunning fine jewelry and home décor pieces. 


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Large 33 Pound Meteorite

Meteorites are found in all shapes and sizes; from tiny pieces, to about the size of your hand, to much larger.  They also be extremely heavy for their size Did I mention that meteorites are valuable? The largest meteorite in the store is worth about $36,000!

Campo Del Cielo Natural Meteorite Chunk

About 6% of the meteorites that fall to the earth are called iron meteorites, although they contain traces of other metals, including Nickel and Cobalt. Many iron meteorites have a pattern inside known as Widmanstatten or Thomas Structures. These markings are made of long nickel-iron crystals that form inside the meteorite. 

Meteorite Widmanstatten Pattern (Also know as Thomas Structure)
Natural Pallasite Meteorite

Natural Pallasite Meteorite

A tiny fraction of meteorites will have pockets of beautiful olive-green crystals surrounded by an iron matrix. These “space gems” are called pallasites and have fascinated scientists for hundreds of years. The gemstone peridot has also been found in meteorites. 

Campo Del Cielo Natural Meteorite Book Ends

Meteorites are prized collector's items and are often used in home decor and fine jewelry. The dense weight and gorgeous Widmanstatten pattern make a set of bookends that are a  functional and beautiful piece of the cosmos. 

Meteorite Book Ends
Wide Natural Meteorite Band

Wide Natural Meteorite Band

Jewelers use slices of meteorites to make jewelry. The jeweler enhances the intriguing patterns by polishing them and placing them in an acid bath. The slices are then inlaid into watches, earrings, cufflinks, and rings. 

Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Strike Ring

This peace is inlayed with dinosaur bone with a meteorite strike.

Dinosaur Bone Ring with Meteorite Strike