"When we first opened in Park City, Sundays were our second busiest day of the week. I’d been thinking that I wanted to close the store on Sundays and spend time with my family.

We’d been in business for a few years, and as many new businesses do, we were having kind of a rough year.

Autumn is the slowest time of the year for us. In fact, many Park City businesses close during the “shoulder season” because there aren’t enough people in town.

Well, we were having a really bad sales month, but the thought kept coming to me that I should close the store on Sundays.

I told my store manager one morning that we were going to start closing on Sundays and he was really upset about it. 

But by the time we went home THAT DAY, we’d had the biggest sales day we’d ever had, Christmas included.  

I always feel like I’m pretty slow and that rewards need to come pretty quickly for me to recognize them. So, I was thinking… we’ve been open a few thousand days already and this was our biggest day ever. Maybe it was a coincidence…

So about 4 years later, during the same, slowest time of year, we were planning out the schedule for the next few months. We saw that Christmas fell on a Monday, which meant that Christmas Eve was on a Sunday that year!

The manager came unglued and said, “We are NOT closing on Christmas Eve!” I thought that maybe we better make an exception that year and stay open.

We debated and debated. About noon or so, I thought, “You know what? We’ve made this decision. We’re closing the day before Christmas.” 

To say the manager was not pleased would be an understatement.

And wouldn’t you know it? The exact same thing happened! Before we went home that day, we had the biggest day we’d ever had AGAIN, including Christmas. 

I always say that the "miracle is in the timing", and... I believe in miracles. 

Call it whatever you want. We put this positive energy into the universe and something great happened immediately. Twice! 

It really helped us out in our bad times of year. 

So now this year, we’re faced with Christmas Eve on a Sunday again. A lot of people are saying we should stay open.

We might make more money. Heck, I’m sure we would. 

But this is what we do. Happy holidays.


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